How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped with NLP & Hypnotherapy Master, Rick Maczka

Hypnotherapy in Norwich The Orange Grove ClinicWant to know how to stop smoking and stay stopped?  11th March 2015 is National No Smoking Day and our NLP and Hypnotherapy Master Rick Maczka has some essential advice on how you can break your smoking habit and stay stopped….

Everyone is aware of the dangers and risks involved in smoking, and yet time and time again the smokers choice is made to just have another one, say “I will stop tomorrow”, or find a reason or an “excuse” to carry on.  Smokers are aware of why it would be good to stop and yet that isn’t enough.  Mostly this is because on a deeper level there is the promise of “comfort” being provided by smoking.

NLP and Hypnotherapy Master Rick Maczka has been helping people to stop smoking for nearly 20 years – with a very high success rate.  In fact Rick guarantees his results.

How to Stop Smoking for Good?  Rick Says:

The reason for my success in this field, is that I understand the underlying pattern of addiction – and also even more importantly, how to break that pattern so that a new positive motivation becomes available for my clients.  My method draws very much on the unconscious mind to make the change a lasting change.  Most people stop smoking by “will power” but this is only effective if the unconscious mind goes along with this change.   If it doesn’t, the problem returns and you’re very likely to end up smoking again.  For example, if you say to yourself: “I will get up at 5am and go jogging” then wake at 5am and wonder what on earth you were thinking, that means it was a conscious decision to go jogging at 5am, but it was the unconscious mind that lead you right back to the old habits (turning over and going right back to sleep!)   Habits are run and held in the unconscious mind.   So what I do is help clients to resolve problems, including stopping smoking, by setting up communication between the conscious and the unconscious Mind and aligning them with a new habit or behaviour.

What to expect from Stopping Smoking Therapy?

The process of stopping smoking starts by talking through the process, whereby I assess the way forwards for you.  Everyone is unique and needs individual treatment.  There is no one size fits all approach. Successful completion of treatment involves a mixture of therapies such as NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming),  Hypnotherapy, CBT , Transactional analysis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and TAT (Tapas Acupuncture Technique), mixed and matched to each client.

You have one session lasting 4 hours, during which the aim is to have everything related to your habit resolved.  So you walk in the door a smoker and leave a Non-smoker.  So many of my clients are surprised how easy it was and some actually leave believing they never even smoked!

Before the consultation there are pre-session tasks to complete, diary making and questionnaires  to fill in.  The diary making aims to get the unconscious mind focused.  You are doing the diary because you are stopping, it builds an unconscious motivation to stop and highlights triggers for smoking that you may have.

The session itself involves me asking questions, gathering information, using interventions to create or change motivation, redirecting the mind and energy towards something positive, undoing the decision to be a smoker, getting rid of triggers to smoke and removing internal conflict.

How to book a Stop Smoking Session and Price

The price for the Stop Smoking 4 hour session with Rick Maczka is £300 and the results are guaranteed – so if you smoke, you really have nothing to lose!  And the investment could potentially save or lengthen your life span.

Take the first step to being a Non-smoker and learn how to stop smoking for good.  Contact reception today on , email or contact us here.