Signature Massage Treatments

Relaxing relaxation massage The Orange Grove ClinicIf you’re feeling tired, wired and in need some TLC, then our Massage Angels Jess and Sally  are on hand to offer you heavenly, stress relieving, relaxation massage in the heart of Norwich.  Step inside our calming clinic and let your stress melt away under the expert professionally trained hands of our Massage Angels.  Experience a beautiful tailor-made treatment designed just for you, to help you drift away into a place of calm, peaceful relaxation.  

To book your appointment you can book online, or please call our clinic on 01603 631900, or you can contact us here.

Total Relaxation Massage

1 hour £42, 90 minutes £62

Using nourishing, specifically chosen, massage oils our Massage Angels will soothe any aches, pains and stress away, with long, indulgent strokes, which will relieve tension and relax the mind. Totally blissful!

Norwich Massage Gift VouchersHolistic Massage

1 hour £47, 90 minutes £67

A bespoke massage tailored to your desired outcome (relaxed, revitalised or restored) through a combination of effective massage oils and pressure applied as requested. Using a combination of long strokes, kneading, and pressure point massage, this invigorating massage relieves muscular aches and pains, bringing physical and psychological equilibrium. A massage designed to balance the body and the mind.

Deep Tissue Massage

1 hour £47, 90 minutes £67

An invigorating, deeper massage ideal for relieving underlying muscular aches and pains, caused by repetitive strain at work, postural issues, muscle spasms, old injuries, or just general tight areas. The therapist will use muscle relaxing oils and apply pressure tailored to your desired outcome – leaving you feeling released and restored.

Hot Stone Massage 

relaxation massage in Norwich using hot stones at The Orange Grove Clinic1 hour £47, 90 minutes £67.

Like stepping into a hot bath, the warming sensation of being massaged with hot and cold stones is incredibly relaxing and soothing.  Ideal for total relaxation, as well as relieving stiff and sore muscles, leaving you feeling recharged and re-energised.

Sports Massage

30 minutes £27, 60 minutes £47

Sports massage therapy is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 minutes £27, 60 minutes £47

The perfect treatment for your lunch hour or a de-stress on your way home, this targeted treatment helps to relieve tension in the upper back and shoulders. Relaxing strokes combined with deep releasing techniques help to smooth away hunched shoulders, knots and stiff muscles.

Indian Head Massage

30 minutes £27

Based on the traditional Ayurvedic healing system and designed to bring about harmony between the mind and body. This seated massage can be done fully-clothed, or upper garments can be remove
d so carrier oils can be applied to the skin. A relaxing treatment ideal during your lunch break or on your way home from work.

Booking your appointment

To book any of our Heavenly Stress Relieving Massage Treatments, please book online or call our reception team today on 01603 631900 or you can email us

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