Natural Inductions

Induction Preparation and Natural Induction Massage

Natural induction massages provide a complementary support to the treatment and advice offered by your midwife. It’s a fact that most first time mums go over the 40 week ‘due date’. As you get close to 42 weeks you will be advised to have a medical induction. A natural induction, be it massage, reflexology, acupuncture, (pineapples, or sex!) should be taken as seriously as a medical induction, as it is advised to wait until as close to 42 weeks pregnant before you even attempt one. No-one should attempt to shift a baby (unless there is a good medical reason why) before it is ready to come. However, once you reach 40 weeks+10 (41 ½ weeks), Jackie is very happy to help your body gently persuade itself to move your birthing on.Pregnancy Massage

The Natural Induction Massage is a very light touch massage, encouraging oxytocin – the birthing hormone. There are also some great shiatsu points Jackie was taught by a wonderful and well-known Harley Street Acupuncturist which can encourage labour. This is a blissful massage, and if nothing else, will be a lovely calming experience. If your body is ready to birth your baby, this massage will assist with the ‘nudging towards birth’. As part of this consultation Jackie can also help prepare you for a medical induction with practical guidance, hypnotherapy and deep relaxation techniques too.

So, you’ve been waiting patiently for over 40 weeks for this moment.  Your bag is packed, you’ve written your birth plan and now it’s your due date.  If you’ve reached full term and there’s no sign of your little one yet, our clinic offers a number of treatments to encourage natural inductions.  Many women are very anxious not to have a chemical induction of labour and look for natural and less invasive ways to help encourage their labour to start.

Treatment price: 90 minutes, £75

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