Hypnobirthing Refresher

Hypnobirthing refresherDid you do Hypnobirthing with your first baby? Do you feel you would like to brush up on your skills to make yourself extra prepared?

Jackie Heffer-Cooke, our very own Hypnobirthing Hero, is offering a refresher session to ease you back to your birthing calm place.

What does a Hypnobirthing Refresher Class include?

Hypnobirthing classes are designed to empower you to have a better birthing experience by supporting the natural instincts of your body in birth. Even though you have given birth before, we all know every birthing experience can be different. It may be that your first labour didn’t go to ‘plan’ as we all hope it will, however this does not mean that the next labour will be the same. Hypnobirthing aims to teach you to keep calm, make you feel in control and enjoy what you know is one of the most empowering experiences of your life.

Of course as Jackie has been teaching Hypnobirthing for over 8 years now, she now sees parents whom she taught Hypnopbirthing first time around come back for the second or third child. She says “these parents don’t need to do the full course again, but they do need a couple of hours to ‘get back into the zone’ with a Hypnobirthing Refresher. The consultation starts with a discussion of the previous birth experience, what really worked well for them, where they would like to see things different next time around, then we focus on those aspects and they leave refreshed and ready for their next birth. What is really lovely about these sessions is that as all these parents have other young children running around at home, it gives them an opportunity to really connect with their new baby and allows them some time and space to focus and get excited about their new arrival!” >> Book here…

This is a great class for both Mum and partner, and really gives the dad something to focus on during labour.

£100 for 90 minutes


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We love to hear about our clients’ experiences, both from the classes and from their actual birth, take a look at what some of our recent clients (and now parents) have to say. Read our Birth Stories.

If you would like to book this class then please email reception@theorangegroveclinic.co.uk, call (01603) 631900 or visit our contact page.

Why choose Hypnobirthing with us?

Jackie Heffer-Cooke, our lead birthing expert is one of the most experienced hypnobirthing teachers in Norfolk.  She has helped hundreds of couples have better birthing experience, with a mix of practical, intuitive and nurturing advice that so many couples have found invaluable.  Having created an inspiring course at our Norfolk clinic, Jackie now has a wealth of birthing stories and testimonials to back up her experience.  Please click here for more details.

HypnoBirthing in Norwich with Jackie Heffer CookeHypnobirthing can help you to release fears and anxieties you may have about giving birth, including showing you how to overcome previous traumatic births.  It teaches you to understand your pregnant and labouring body, as you are talked through conception to birth, strains on the body, imbalances in hormones, how your muscles are used in childbirth.  It promotes self awareness and self-control and the training in self-hypnosis assists you in reaching a level of relaxation and relative calm at the times when you need it most.

The aim? To stop your body tensing at a time when release is all important.

It encourages you to be emotionally strong. Understanding your body during birth is empowering, helping mum (and dad!) stay calm and focused. The shared experience of learning HypnoBirthing with your partner, or birth partner, leads to understanding and support of your needs during this incredible time, leading up to the most important moment of all – meeting your baby for the very first time.