How to do a detox… our no-nonsense guide!

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It’s that time of year when everyone starts talking about how to do a detox… but how do you know whether the detox programme you pick is safe, is going to suit your body and whether you even need to do one in the first place?  This New Year, our Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans helps you to cut through some of the nonsense about detoxes and give you some ideas on how to create a healthy, safe and effective detox programme that is perfect for putting the spring back into your step and helping you to shift the extra pounds you put on over Christmas. Plus have a look at our detox packages here… and get your new year detox in full swing.

how to do a detox The OGCWhy should I do a detox?

Well just like your house after a party, your cells can become sluggish and clogged with toxins and debris.  As your liver has to work harder to deal with all this extra mess, it too can need a bit of a cleanse and helping hand.  That’s where a detox can be really useful… for supporting, nourishing and kickstarting your body’s natural detoxification processes and the release of toxins out of your body.

Can detoxes be dangerous?

A detox shouldn’t be dangerous, but if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are on any form of medication you should talk to your GP before beginning any kind of detox plan, even a very gentle one.

My view is that a detox shouldn’t make you feel awful or be overly restrictive so that your blood sugar drops so low that your body struggles to cope.  I always advise my clients to include some protein in their detox, rather than a pure vegetable and fruit cleanse.  I’ve seen many people go on strict detox programmes, only to find that when they start trying to re-introduce foods and eat normally (but still healthily) again, their digestive system doesn’t seem to keep up and they develop some uncomfortable symptoms.

How to do a detox

The first step is to really clean up your diet.  Take out any processed, artificial and sugary foods, as well as alcohol, fizzy drinks and junk food.  Then look at food groups which commonly cause digestive discomfort – gluten grains (wheat, rye, barley, spelt) and dairy products.

Many detoxes also involve drinking plenty of freshly made juices and smoothies, to give your body a real boost of nutrients which are going to support your liver and the detoxification process.  If your digestive system is sluggish, remember this is one of the main channels through which your body gets rid of toxins… in your stools.  So if you struggle to go to the toilet, speak to a professional such as myself about how to get it going, or try some natural products such as probiotics, psyllium husks or lepicol (we have these available on our clinic shop to purchase here).

Finally don’t forget your skin is a major detoxification site, so think about the things you put on it.  Choose only natural, unprocessed ingredients (I like brands such as Faith in Nature, Hopes, Bentley, Green People and Weleda.)  You can also help clean up your body by making sure all your cleaning products are as natural as possible, as this can be a major source of toxins and chemicals that need to be processed by your liver.

If you’re looking for a bespoke, effective and safe detox this January, then why not join our 30 day Sugar Detox Programme.  This includes two workshops, where I’ll guide you through the whole process of removing most of the sugar from your diet (and tell you why this could boost your health and wellbeing immensely), as well as demonstrating practical recipes you can use on a daily basis.  You’ll also have access to a closed facebook group, which I’ll attend once per week to answer any questions, and you’ll receive menu plans, recipes, meal ideas and shopping lists, so you can really get the hang of eating a low sugar diet.  Book here.

Or if you’d prefer a more bespoke detox plan, you can purchase my Detox Programme Package – this includes two consultations with me, a bespoke 21 day detox programme with supporting supplements.  Bookings can also be made by calling us on or emailing I wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2016!