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Want to come to Sardinia on a yoga retreat?

Want to come to Sardinia on a yoga retreat? Well of course you do! The Orange Grove and ZenYoga are intent on catching dreams and making your yoga retreat experience come true… all you have to do is find the time… Porta Pino in Sardinia is a paradise. Termed as the Italian Bahamas the well-travelled

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Broga! Why men should do yoga…

Norwich’s yoga teacher and Orange Grove Founder Jackie Heffer-Cooke talks sport-yoga and reveals all about the new wave of yoga hitting the states – BROGA – and why more men should be doing yoga! It was last year that I first heard the term Broga coined and I saw the amazing video of two (ahem

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How to Prepare for Birth

When pregnant we will all ask ourselves the questions: ‘Should I prepare myself for birth?’ and ‘What should I do to prepare for birth?’. Norfolk’s leading birthing expert Jackie Heffer-Cooke fills in some of the blanks to help both mind and body feel ready for the most important job your body will ever do. Preparation

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Why join us on a Yoga Retreat?

This years ‘Rejuvenate’ at the beautiful Ringsfield Hall was beyond expectations. The retreats intention was to get people out of their ‘doing’ heads, and into ‘coming home’ to ‘be’ themselves, to be in their bodies, their hearts, their dharma, their satya – inner purpose, self and truth, and to do it in a safe and

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Spring clean your body with yoga

This month Norwich’s yoga class – ‘Orange Grove YogaBuds’ – led by Jackie Heffer-Cooke, is stepping into its new Spring practise. The emphasis is on Spring Clean Your Body – so vinyasa flow, hip openers and rejuvenating twists. Here’s why…   Focus It time to climb off our snuggly sofas and wake-up!  Just as the

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Try Yoga to keep you feeling young!

Jackie Heffer-Cooke, Norfolk’s expert Yoga teacher and founder of The Orange Grove Clinic tells us about how yoga can keep you feeling young!  Yoga for the elderly in India is not a class you just do on a Saturday morning, it’s a way of life. The motivators for the elderly are the same as any other

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Five Great Reasons to go on a Yoga Retreat

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Whether they last a day, a weekend or a week, yoga retreats can be a truly transformative experience. Away from the daze and distractions of daily life, you’ll be able to focus solely on your yoga and your wellbeing. With that in mind, take a look at these five great reasons to go on a yoga

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Come to Baby Yoga for 8-18 Month Old Babies

Here are some reasons why you should be coming to Norwich’s premier classes designed for older babies, ActiveYogaBubs. Self confessed ‘baby geek’ Jackie Heffer-Cooke explains why getting out of the house (and away from the washing) isn’t just good for you, it is super good for baby too! Come to Baby Yoga for 8-18 month old babies at

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Find inner peace through yoga and meditation

Inspired by a visit from a friend, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, Yogabuds yoga teacher in Norwich, Norfolk, writes about how to be alone with your own thoughts and how to actually find inner peace through Yoga Nidra and Antermouna meditation. Summer 2016 I took a trip to Turkey, just me and my then 6 year old son, Sam. We

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