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Try Functional Yoga with YogaBuds

Aches and Pains? Try functional yoga and explore your inner landscape with our yoga expert Jackie Heffer-Cooke on Monday evenings at YogaBuds. Functional Yoga This month at YogaBuds we have been thinking about functional yoga, yoga to practically help those persistent niggles..

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Hot Stone Massage

Some might be under the disillusion that a Hot Stone Massage is for those winter months when we’re feeling cold to the bones and only a cup of hot chocolate and a snugly fire will do; but there’s actually nothing..

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How to Meditate

Here’s some practical guidance to establish a daily sitting practise of meditation. By Norwich’s yoga teacher, Jackie Heffer-Cooke First lesson in How to Meditate… Prepare Yourself Before even attempting to do any practice it’s important to understand that your practice..

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