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Hypnobirthing Video Tips from Jackie Heffer-Cooke

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Jackie Heffer-Cooke shares some of the essential top tips she covers in her Hypnobirthing courses and in the Birthing Toolkit Workshop.   Hypnobirthing – What’s it all about? Starting first with Jackie’s introduction to hypnobirthing, where it originates, Jackie’s experience..

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Pelvic Girdle Pain: How Massage Helps

Pelvic Girdle Pain (or PGP) is a challenging discomfort that affects pregnant women. If this is you, you may be familiar with the pain, instability and limitation it can cause. For some women, the pain can even be quite debiliting...

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How to lose weight after pregnancy

Becoming a mum can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience and the time spent enjoying your new baby is precious. However, the massive changes our bodies go through during the pregnancy process can take their toll, leaving us with unwanted extra pounds..

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