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Why you should try YogaBubs baby yoga

Orange Grove Director Jackie Heffer-Cooke  initially set up YogaBubs as a response to her own experience of feeling quite lonely with her first daughter Megan. She says, “Some days with a small baby I found it easier to get out..

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How to lose weight after pregnancy

Becoming a mum can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience and the time spent enjoying your new baby is precious. However, the massive changes our bodies go through during the pregnancy process can take their toll, leaving us with unwanted extra pounds..

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What is Postpartum Thyroiditis?

Guest Blogger and YogaBubs mum, Martine Watker tells us about her experience of having Postpartum Thyroiditis and what symptoms others should be aware of. Until recently I didn’t really know what the thyroid was let alone its role and how..

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Midwife of the Year 2017!

Last month on May 5th, it was International Day of the Midwife 2017.  Since then the new mums of Norwich and Norfolk have been voting for this year’s ‘Norwich & Norfolk Midwife of the Year Award’, sponsored by The Orange..

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A Natural Childbirth Choice

Our very own Hypnobirthing practitioner, Dr Del Tubby shares her Hypnobirthing story; from her natural birth choice, the journey with her birth partner and the all important decision to teach others the techniques she has learnt.  When people think of hypnobirthing I think..

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