Five ways that massage could boost your business

For massage at events & businesses in Norfolk, you can’t beat the OGC Massage Angels!  Ok, so we may be biased, but if you really want to know how the benefits of massage can help you as an individual or even help improve your workplace, read the first part of this two part blog on how massage could boost your business.

So what are the benefits of massage?

Benefits of Massage at the Orange Grove ClinicWe are all busy – we rush from one aspect of life to another.  We ignore signals from our bodies telling us to slow down.  So why don’t we just push the pause button, stop for a moment and see what happens?

Having a massage is no longer considered a luxury for the rich or for famous people who have nothing else to do but lay on a flower-strewn bed, enjoying cucumber eye masks, sips of exotic drinks while being massaged from head to toe!  Although that would be rather wonderful, massage is actually very remedial and has so many benefits, we really believe that everyone deserves and needs a regular massage as part of their healthy lifestyle.

How can massage improve your business?

Sick day reduction, better performance, morale boosts and improved atmosphere are all things every business needs and massage can scientifically help your staff/co-workers both physically and psychologically.  In fact, there are so many benefits that we’ve started to compile a list…..

  1. To chill out!  Stress relief and relaxation are the most obvious benefits of enjoying a relaxing massage.  Allowing yourself some time-out, putting worries, deadlines, chores on-hold for an hour or so is really important.  The science bit – Massage increases the flow of fresh nutrients throughout your body, whether you chose a feather-light aromatherapy or a heavy-weight invigorating deep tissue, you will experience a feeling of well-being afterwards.
  2. Experiencing low moods?  Massage has many scientific backings to prove it can help relieve symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.  By increasing the amount of endorphins within your body and lowering cortisol levels during a massage, the body is literally left feeling energised and uplifted, leaving you with a sense of feeling ‘happier’.
  3. Painful, tense muscles?  It doesn’t take very long for massage to warm up and loosen tight muscles.  Think about when you knock your elbow – your instant reaction is to rub it better.  This is a form of massage and shows how quickly it can bring healing to a sore area.  Simply rubbing and causing warmth, increasing circulation and with the use of deep tissue techniques, very painful muscle problems can be relieved with regular massage treatments.
  4. Pounding head?  Headaches, sinus problems and migraines are becoming more and more common as our lifestyles get faster paced and with the use of computers on the up our eyes are under more strain than ever.  Draining toxins away via lymph within the face and neck area easily relieves tension and tight muscles in this delicate area – so, before you reach for the Anadin, try a soothing head massage.
  5. Manual workers/hitting the gym before/after work –  We all know the importance of warming down after a workout to help the muscles recover and stretch out the lactic acid that build up when muscles are under stress, but after a heavy workout some warm downs just don’t cut it.  Massage aids recovery from sport and exercise by bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and helping break down lactic acid which prevents tight muscles and cramping.  Add it to your kit!

Massage in NorwichWant to know more? Visit our Health for Business page to find out more about the in-house massage, nutrition and stress management services on offer from the Orange Grove Clinic experts.

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