DNA testing for a truly bespoke approach to nutritional health and weight loss

Did you know that your genetic make-up, or DNA, can determine how you maintain a healthy weight and get in shape?  Our Nutritional Therapist, Catherine Jeans has spent months researching and analysing the DNA testing available on the market and is now ready to add this ground-breaking functional health testing to her practice in Norwich.  To book your DNA testing package, please click here.

I am really pleased to introduce DNA health testing into my clinic, which will help me to provide a truly bespoke DNA diet for those who are struggling to lose weight, feel low in energy or not achieving optimum health.  By checking your DNA for certain weaknesses we can create a genetic diet that suits your genetic code.

What are your genes telling you about how to lose weight and stay healthy?

Weight Loss NorwichI have many clients who come to see me, fed up of trying the latest fad diet, only to lose a bit of weight and then put it all back on.  I also see people suffering with low energy and who are starting to experience niggling health problems, feeling like they’ve lost their sparkle.  Every person is unique, we all have a unique genetic code – which is why DNA testing is so useful; it allows us to create a truly bespoke programme that suits your genetic make-up.

By testing your DNA, we can see how you are genetically programmed to lose weight, burn energy and detoxify potentially harmful toxins.  For example, some people may have the thrifty gene, which means they are more likely to store fat from sugar and excess fats in the diet.  Others may have the gene which means they don’t burn fat for energy efficiently, meaning it’s more difficult to lose fat stores during exercise, and afterwards they’re more likely to crave sugar and feel hungry. DNA testing gives us a picture of what your specific genes may prefer to see in your diet, and which type of dietary and exercise habits would be the most appropriate for you.

My DNA Health Test: The Future of Personalised Health

I’ve spent months analysing the DNA tests available on the market, and I’ve chosen to bring the testing by My DNA Health into my practice for a number of reasons.  Firstly their testing is based on sound scientific research, highly professional laboratory procedures and a cutting edge approach to nutrigenomics.

The test also costs just £150, but will still provide you with a comprehensive report that combines an analysis of the key genes which are involved in energy production, exercise and weight loss. It also measures your current lifestyle and epigenetic factors such as stress, smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep that could be influencing how weakened genes behave.

Alongside this, you’ll need a programme of appointments with me to help lead you through the dietary and nutritional changes.

How is the DNA test taken?

A simple swab inside your mouth is taken at home, which you send back to the laboratory where it is analysed for your individual genetic material.  You will then fill in a series of online questionnaires, so that the laboratory can provide you with a report that we can work on together.  This gives you a personalised hereditry genetic analysis and wellbeing programme, with bespoke lifestyle and dietary advice individual to you, designed to support weight loss, abundant energy and overall wellbeing.

Weight loss NorwichThe individual plan may also address issues such as liver toxicity, insulin sensitivity, the ability to absorb fat and muscle function, all of which could be impacting on your ability to maintain a healthy weight, exercise effectively, feel more energetic and achieve wellness. This approach is also useful in preventing diseases like type 2 diabetes, where early intervention and action can help prevent the condition from developing in those most at risk.

The importance of epigenetics in DNA testing

It used to be thought that what was written in our genes would become our destiny.  However we now know that genes need to be switched on in order to be expressed.  Lifestyle factors such as stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and poor liver detoxification are key factors in the epigenetic expression of our genes, including defective genes.  By combining your genetic material alongside an assessment of your current health and lifestyle, this holistic programme provides an analysis of how any genetic weaknesses are being expressed.  You’ll receive a wealth of information that can help to provide a truly bespoke weight loss and optimal wellbeing programme.

What does research tell us about DNA diets?

Genetic testing has emerged as a key trend in the world of weight loss and fitness in recent years. One study at Stanford University found that individuals on genotype-appropriate diets (ie DNA diets) lost 5.3% of their body weight, when compared with individuals on randomised diets. The study also found that those following diets based on their genetic make-up lost up to 2.5 times more weight than those following standard meal plans.

DNA Testing Programme: for weight loss, abundant energy and optimal wellbeing

If you would like to take part in my DNA testing programme, I am offering a bespoke package which includes:

  • MyDNATest kit:  you’ll be provided with the test kit swab which you can do at home and send back to the laboratory.  You will also be required to fill in a series of health questionnaires to enable the laboratory to compare your genetic material with your current lifestyle and how your genes are being expressed.
  • An initial 1 hour appointment with me – we will review your health goals, health history and current lifestyle and diet, before going through your genetic report and recommended genotype DNA diet and nutritional programme.
  • You will have two follow up 30 minutes appointments, which we can do via Skype, phone or in person at my clinic.
  • Two pots of bespoke supplements to support your DNA diet and specific genetic make-up.
  • Total price £370.

You can book your DNA Testing Programme package from our online shop here, or contact Reception today.

To book an appointment with Catherine, or to find out more about DNA testing, please call Reception on 01603 631 900, email reception@theorangegroveclinic.co.uk or go to our contact page.