365 days free of Tinnitus! with Jackie Heffer-Cooke

Recently ‘Action on Hearing Loss’ announced that one in 10 people across the UK is affected by tinnitus every day, ranging from a “light buzzing” to a “constant roar” in the ears and head. The Orange Grove Director, Jackie Heffer-Cooke has been talking about her personal relationship with the debilitating disorder in her latest column for the Norwich Evening News….

The Orange Grove help with TinnitusTinnitus and me….

Tinnitus has been teasing me for around 8 years with its annoying noisy scythe. It comes, it goes, like a maddening grim reaper. The fear is that it may pick you to live in an eternity of living hell.  The hope is that it will slide along, taking its deathly hum with it, leaving you with a soft, peaceful head – a quiet joy of silent calm angels.

In June 2013 it decided it was here to stay for a while, months in fact. It settled in, deep. During that time I was running a business, studying for a diploma, looking after two young children and moving house. Some may say it was exhaustion that tipped the scythe over the edge and into my inner ear and pounding sleepless head.

“We don’t know the cause”

Following the tearful realisation that, after three months, this may not go away, a few trips to the GP ensued. The advice? “We don’t really know what causes it or what we can do. It can be caused by infection, virus, inner ear issues and lifestyle issues. With your recent history I would say it seems to be related to lifestyle issues. Give it a few weeks and see what happens”.

Lifestyle issues: what do I do first? Shut my business and not afford to keep my new house I have just moved into? Or, give my children up for adoption. Hmmm.

Good friends with good advice

Luckily, because of the work I do, I knew lots of complementary health professionals and they were the most helpful they could be most helpful they could be – by ‘good diet’ hook or by ‘bodywork’ crook – I was going to get better. I set myself on a six month schedule of treatments and lifestyle changes: chiropractor for neck realignment, acupuncturist for vitality and inner ear balance, nutritional therapist for adrenal tests, osteopath for cranial realignment, I drastically cut down on alcohol, sugar and dairy, I started daily yoga, I cut my working hours – and I began to get better. It cost a lot financially, and sometimes emotionally, but wow was it worth it. I was now having lower levels and some days I was free! (As a bird – that’s how it feels…).

Finding the silence…

Then I had a massage where the majority of time was spent loosening the tension around the top of my spine, shoulders, neck, skull, jaw. The next morning I woke up and the grim reaper had gone. Completely gone. I felt amazing. Truly. No one knows how amazing it feels for the consistent, loud, debilitating, unsociable, depressing, damning noise to just disappear, unless it has happened to you. That was last April 2014.

Tinnitus advice from the Orange Grove ClinicYou do have other options

Now, I can’t say whether this will work for you as there are so many different forms of tinnitus. I can’t say exactly what it was that worked for me. All I know is never to give up. Don’t ‘accept’ the option of “there’s nothing they can do”, just maybe there is! If there is something that you live with and there is no medical reason why it is there, a niggle, an ache; be it tinnitus, migraines, IBS, sinus issues, back ache, just take the responsibility and do something. Make some changes to help yourself. You never know it might just work, and you may end up waking up every morning feeling free as a soaring bird.

Go to The Orange Grove Website here for advice on Tinnitus from our Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans.

Jackie Heffer-Cooke teaches YogaBubs Baby Yoga, YogaBumps Pregnancy Yoga, Be Calm Hypnobirthing and specialises in pregnancy massage.

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