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YogaBumps Pregnancy Yoga

 why is pregnancy yoga good

Led by mother of two and experienced yoga teacher Jackie Heffer-Cooke, YogaBumps classes will support you through the whole nine months. Our gentle, welcoming and 100% bump-safe classes are designed to help you connect with your growing baby, embrace the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and provide techniques to calm and prepare expectant mums for birth.

YogaBumps pregnancy yoga classes are for all levels of yogic ability, from beginners to those with varying levels of experience. YogaBumps classes are gentle and safe for all pregnant women, from 14 weeks until birth.

We practice traditional yogic areas of Pranayama (breathing exercises for life and birth), Asanas (postures), Shavasana and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation techniques), but in a way that is accessible, ‘non-scary’, easy to follow, authentic, and safe for you and your changing body and growing baby.

 How mums benefit from YogaBumps – Baby Yoga

Norwich Pregnancy yogaYogaBumps pregnancy yoga classes are  and held at easy-to-reach locations around Norwich.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet other mums-to-be, have the peace of mind you will carry out safe exercises that will help those pregnancy aches and pains and learn breathing techniques to calm your mind and body, all to help prepare you for that final magical moment you’ve been waiting for.

Here are some of the many benefits of YogaBumps Pregnancy Yoga


  • Stretching exercises promote circulation of blood, and therefore nutrients and oxygen, around the body. Improving the bodies systems and keeping you and baby healthier.
  • Yoga helps to strengthen the stabilising muscles around the pelvis, works with pregnancy posture, alleviating pelvic and back pain during pregnancy.
  • YogaBumps will show you movements and techniques to alleviate issues such as cramps, restless legs, oedema, carpel tunnel, breathlessness and rib ache.


  • A place of warmth and friendliness to take time to indulge in some ‘you and your baby bump’ time.  A place to connect and celebrate the fact that you are pregnant!
  • A space to offload, the physical and emotional ups and downs of a changing chapter in your life, knowing that everyone around you is on the same page.
  • A class of learning and knowledge, between us we will have a lot of knowledge about pregnancy and birth – and how to help ourselves and each other.
  • A time for calm. Away from the chaos of work, shops, traffic, cooking, relationships and red-wine drinking pals! An oasis of calm, breathing techniques and deep comfortable relaxation.


  • Yoga strengthens the muscles needed when having a baby, particularly when in active labour, thereby supporting a good birth. We share effective active birth movements and ways of helping you, help your body, during labour.
  • Pregnancy yoga will show you ways of using birthing props like birthing balls, to make your birthing easier and more effective.
  • The Pranayama, or breathing exercises like ‘surge breathing, feather breathing and golden thread’ breathing will all become invaluable in helping you have a calm and easier birth.
  • Practical advice, knowledge of ‘what to expect’ and ‘what to do to help yourself’ mean you walk into birth feeling more confident and able to trust in your body to birth effectively and easily, leading to a more empowered and successful birth experience.
  • Acceptance. When things ‘take a turn’ during birth, as sometimes unavoidably they do, this class will help you with the acceptance of knowing you did all you could, and if intervention is needed you can still support birth using breathing techniques to stay calm, stay focused, and stay happy that you and your baby are safe and healthy, which is ALL that matters.

To book a place on our YogaBumps Norwich Pregnancy Yoga course you can click through to our online shop, call our Reception on 01603 631 900, email or go to our contact page.

Inside a YogaBumps Yoga Class
Pregnancy yoga classes Norwich The OGC

Each class lasts for 1 hr 15 minutes, and each week we focus on an aspect of pregnancy and birth – from the physiological of helping pelvic pain, rib flare, cramps, to the preparatory for a better, easier, more active birth.

We begin with settling into the room with pranayama (breathing), move into a group hello (this is where you get to pick up loads of info about the pregnancy journey, health hints and tips), we then settle into the focus for the class with warm-ups, move into our Asanas (postures), which are adjusted to your particular needs regarding on your trimester, stage, or special circumstances, finishing with Shavasana and YogaNidra (deep relaxation) – a well-deserved time of relaxation and self-nurture. Then we always finish with a cookie and a chat about the focus for the next class, interesting stuff going on for pregnant and new mums in the area, and just a general 10 mins for a friendly catch up with those around us.

YogaBumps groups usually end up meeting independently when on maternity leave, and once baby is born – and often you can make a couple of friends for life.  Who knows who may be on the mat next to you.

  Monday evening class:

Venue:  Lancaster House Sixth Form Centre at the Norwich School for Girls, Albemarle Road, Norwich, NR2 2DF

Price: £55 for a 6 week run of 75 minute classes

Directions: The venue can be accessed at the bend of Albemarle Road where The Cedars Care Home is located.  There is a little drive just before the care home that bears round in to a large free car park – perhaps come early the first time to find it

Time: 6.30pm-7.45pm  

Start dates: 

  • Monday 6th November
  • Monday 8th January
  • Monday 26th February (please note there is no class on Monday 2nd April)
  • Monday 16th April (please note there is no class on Monday 7th May and Monday 28th May)
  • Monday 11th June

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 If you wish to book a class that has already started then please contact Lucy on

About Jackie Heffer-Cooke

Jackie Heffer-Cooke

YogaBumps Founder Jackie Heffer-Cooke started her own personal love affair with yoga when she was pregnant with her baby Sam.

“I remember the first day of walking into pregnancy yoga, feeling apprehensive at trying something new at a time full of new beginnings. I had tried yoga before but found it a little intimidating, but in this class was a great mix of women, all from different yogic background, and lots of beginners just like me. Five years later I’m a yogi addict as it helps me keep in shape, boost my strength and keep up with my energetic kids! It also gives me more; a place I have learnt to live from where I can stop and pause, before reacting. To breathe and deal with the craziness of life: school runs, clubs, work schedules, dinner making, the endless washing, hectic social lives and relationships.  Be warned, this class just may change your life…”

Jackie is an expert in Childbirth Preparation, HypnoBirthing, Pregnancy Massage. Anatomy and Physiology and Baby Yoga, as well as founder of The Orange Grove Clinic and Baby Centre and YogaBubs Baby Yoga.  Through her work she has helped 1000’s of local parents through the exhilarating, but sometimes exhausting stages of bump, birth, baby and beyond.  She has appeared as a birth expert on Radio Norfolk, in various local and national publications, made her own DVD called ‘How to take the labour out of labour’ and is a guest writer for BabycentreUK and MummyPages.

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To book your place on our next YogaBumps Norwich Pregnancy Yoga course or to find out more about yoga in pregnancy, use the link above, call our Reception on 01603 631 900, email or go to our contact page.

If you would like to join a YogaBumps class part way through a course, this may be possible, as long as the class is not fully subscribed.  Contact Reception, via the details above, to find out more.