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YogaBubs Motherstuff Club

Motherhood is full of questions… What is a normal sleep pattern? When do I start weaning? What can I do for teething? Will my pelvic floor ever be the same again? Why do I feel so great? Why do I feel so rubbish?! For eight years now, Jackie has been listening to her YogaBubs mums and hearing a similar set of questions being asked by new (and established) mums who come to classes.

So YogaBubs has reached out to a bank of wonderful people whom we know, and love, and trust and invited them to talk to you, about stuff. Motherstuff… at our brand new Motherstuff club.

You can listen and learn, you can take it and leave it, the choice is yours. The aim is not to flood you with more demands, and guilt, and inadequacies (we all know those). The aim is to inspire a thought, an idea, and for you guys to enjoy cake and coffee and support. That’s it.

The MotherStuff Club will run at Locomotion café at The Garage (run by the super lovely Jason, dad of two) at 1.45pm after YogaBubs on the last Monday of the month. You will have to buy your cake and coffee, but the talks come free.

It may be messy, it may be noisy, it will be fun!