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NLP Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching Certification Course

Dream Makers NLP Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching Course

Dreams Into Reality with no BS

Changing the world one person at a time

Why Dream Makers?

Rick Maczka as principal trainer with the UK Centre of Excellence for NLP & Hypnotherapy Trainings is providing this Dream Makers life coaching training. This course has at its heart certification in NLP Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, all accredited internationally through ABNLP and ABH. Teaching also includes Mindfulness, with daily meditation and Meridian Based Therapies (EFT TAT). Mindfulness to improve self awareness, and from Meridian Based Therapies a whole range of tapping techniques to aid energy release, pattern interrupts and gaining greater positivity in mind and Body.

NLP hypnotherapy training in Norwich

Good ideas, plans, goals, outcomes are all Dreams until someone takes action and makes them happen.In teaching NLP Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching Rick has witnessed many students taking their own dreams and making them real. Therefore this Dream makers training. Results for students also extend beyond the training room enabling them to help clients, and others to achieve their dreams, goals, and outcomes.

Choose from Rick’s seven day Fast Track NLP Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching Course or his ten month version:

7 Day Course £1500:

  • August 12th – 18th 2017
  • October 14th – 20th 2017

10 Month Course £1500: 

  • September 30th 2017

**20% Discount for those booking 3 months in advance.

Call The Orange Grove Clinic to Book on 01603 631900.

Dream Big!

NLP Hypnotherapy Training Norwich The OGCIn attending this training Rick asks you as students to imagine  that if this is the best training you could ever attend what would you want from it? Beware you might just get what you wish for !

Whilst being on this training you will learn about Growth Mindset and overcoming a Fixed Mindset.Remove all excuses from life ! Learn how to truly set achievable outcomes, how to improve relationships, overcome resistance, influence with grace and positivity, learn and practice how to use your words voice and body to direct communication and thinking, how to use Metaphors with knowledge that is rarely taught and yet used by governments and power influences, learn language that is hardwired into us from birth, learn how to ask powerful questions, learn about how to think and act with creativity, build confidence and access any resourceful state you want, overcome negative emotions,learn practical ways to generate self worth self esteem in minutes, eliminate negative beliefs in minutes, learn about what deeply motivates on the level of the unconscious, learn about your conscious and unconscious mind, learn to remove fear, get rid of phobias, learn to hypnotise anyone, learn several methods of Hypnotic Induction, learn about the 2 main schools of Hypnosis Authoritarian and Non Authoritarian, learn to deal with Pain, learn stress reduction and methods for stopping Anxiety, learn mindfulness techniques, learn Life Coaching, learn about meeting the Human needs we all live by unconsciously, how to use these human needs to strengthen change for clients and self by applying at least 3 of these to each intervention,learn the techniques from EFT and TAT, treat migraines and headaches, become the person you are at your best and achieve excellence.  Plus a whole lot more, check the course contents.Hypnotherapist Norwich's Orange Grove Clinic

What would you want? I dare you to dream big. I encourage each training group to all commit to supporting each other to make their goals happen. Peer support works. To consistently change behaviour through time meeting in small groups whether that’s through Facebook or a whats app, it can provide an ongoingness for lasting change. Plus you will have me supporting you for life. Providing Supervision, advice support. I want everyone to succeed. I want to add value to all your lives and serve you in learning.

What does the course include:

  • Presuppositions of NLP with a Mindful Perspective
  • Goal Setting and creating the well formed conditions for the goal to come about
  • Rapport skills and communicating with timeliness, awareness and honesty
  • Representational systems and how to identify a persons way of coding their reality so we can enter into clear communication
  • Sub-Modalitities
  • Language patterns
  • Dealing with Parts of ourselves,and in others, integrating them, fast and effectively for long lasting change
  • Anchoring– how to access time and again powerful resourceful states of mind and create the conditions for positive habits
  • Strategies– understand the automatic patterns and processes we run to do what we do in world
  • Re-framing– Powerful conversational techniques for changing minds
  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Life Coaching
  • Time Based Change Techniques
  • Meridian Based Therapies


This training will be life changing, that’s the most consistent feedback from this training “it changed my life”. Whether you want to do this training to change yourself, to add skills to those you already have in world of personal transformation, or begin a new career. This training is for you. Get in touch with Rick Maczka.

Call The Orange Grove Clinic to Book on 01603 631900.