Introduction to NLP & Hypnotherapy: One Day Workshop | The Orange Grove Clinic

Introduction to NLP & Hypnotherapy: One Day Workshop

This Introduction to NLP and Hypnotherapy is an opportunity to learn about how your mind works, how to change your thinking, how to change behaviour, and gain an understanding of what is NLP.  Places are limited:  to book your place please contact us on 01603 631900 or you can email

Upcoming Introductory Courses: Introduction to NLP and Hypnotherapy

NLP hypnotherapy trainingDaytime events

  • June 24th 10 am to 5pm
  • August 5th 10 am to 5pm

Cost: £29 (discount for group, bringing friends) at The Orange Grove Clinic

Evening only events

  • August 8th 7 pm to 9 pm
  • September 5th 7pm to 9pm

Cost £9 (discount for group bringing friends) at The Orange Grove Clinic

Why should you learn about NLP and Hypnotherapy? 

This one day even is a fascinating eye opener for those new to NLP and is practical in nature for everyday life.  You will learn about the conscious mind, the unconscious, and how they can work together to help you get the life you want.

Ran by renowned trainer Rick Maczka, who has many years experience using NLP and hypnotherapy in his private practice, as well as training. On this course, you’ll learn the heart of NLP with a Trainer who is passionate about teaching and seeing clients/students become the best they can be.  You’ll learn about Hypnosis and the seemingly bizarre phenomena associated with being in a Trance, or “hypnotised”.  Learn about your Unconscious and have an experience of Self Hypnosis and observe some demonstrations of Hypnosis.

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Introduction to NLP and Hypnotherapy Course content

The day includes small group teaching, practical demonstrations and group practice.  You’ll learn about:

  • What is NLP?  Including history of NLP and its focus on the replication of what people do well, as opposed to focusing on problem history and content
  • Cause and Effect: Focusing on moving from being at the “effect” of life to being at the choice, or “cause” in life, avoiding victim mentality and dependence.
  • Theme of focusing on results as opposed to reasons – shifting to “Response Ability” and away from “Reasons” for not succeeding
  • Rapport: the foundations of communication.  When to Match and Mirror and what they do for communication. How to use your voice and understand communication that is non-verbal
  • Sensory Acuity: Calibration of client’s present state and tracking changes from moment to moment
  • Understanding others: know who you are talking to, adapt your words for each individual for greater level of communication
  • Toward and away from motivation: understanding repetitive, habitual behaviours due to underlying motivational tendencies, and learning how to adapt your communication for each individual.
  • State management:  tools for accessing resourceful states for practitioner and client, plus at least 2 methods for dealing with anxiety and other resourceful states (including anger)
  • Feedback: the breakfast of champions, how to give positively charged, behaviourally specific feedback

Plus you’ll also learn: 

  • What is Hypnosis?
  • History of Hypnosis
  • What is your Unconscious Mind and what it does for you?
  • Self Hypnosis – useful for relaxation, destressing, sleep and many areas of self-development
  • What is Trance? – How does it feel?
  • What are Hypnotic suggestions?
  • Are people naturally suggestable?
  • Can anyone be hypnotised? – can anyone not be hypnotised?
  • Can we give ourselves suggestions?
  • Is it safe to be hypnotised?
  • What are the benefits of Hypnosis? – is it better than other therapies?

Your Trainer:  Rick Maczka

NLP Hypnotherapy Training Norwich The OGCRick Maczka is a Senior (GHR) Supervising Hypnotherapist and a Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy and NLP since 1999. He has run a private practise using Psychotherapy since 1994, practised Mindfulness since 1992 on becoming a Buddhist (living in a Buddhist community for 14 Years to enhance his focus on practice and love of meditation).

Rick has worked behind the scenes for over 10 years on TV shows on every major channel notably 10 years working as a psychological consultant to the Trisha Goddard show where he would also be seen on screen creating rapid change for guests, getting rid of fears phobias and overcoming relationship issues.

He has worked in Drug and Alcohol for over 5 years whilst also working in prison with PTSD self-harm and abuse. He has gained a very broad range of experience from his work and has knowledge of what works in the real world and what is just theory or magical thinking.

Rick Maczka has been fascinated by Hypnosis since a very young age and has continued to study it for many years until this very day, and is still amazed by the power of its effects. Rick has been featured in the past on the BBC one Show helping a young girl overcome night terrors with Hypnosis. Recently Rick went to Addenbrooks Hospital and helped a client to go through a procedure with no anaesthetic and no pain.

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