MOTIVATE – Beginners Mini-Retreat | The Orange Grove Clinic

MOTIVATE – Beginners Mini-Retreat



Join us for our fabulous Yoga Beginners Mini-Retreat.

Where: Caistor Hall Hotel

When: March 24th 2018, 11am – 3pm

How much: £40 includes superfood lunch

On this mini-retreat you will learn the basics of yoga, in terms of breathing, postures, and yoga flow in a warm and friendly atmosphere that remembers what’s is like to try something for the first time!

Make today your first step into a new practise, which might just change your life! When the clocks move forward it’s an excellent time to climb off the couch and reawaken the body, and the mind, with a breath of fresh air and a move towards a new yoga practise to kick-start your new you.

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