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Understanding Behaviour Monthly Workshop

Our Counsellor Gillian Bartlam is offering 6, monthly workshops suitable for anyone who is interested in how the mind and emotions work.

counselling in NorwichStart date: Monday 24th October, 7:00pm-9:00pm, then 3rd Monday of every month (except no group in December).

Price: £150 for 6 sessions, or £30 per session if paid monthly (but must commit to all 6 sessions).

If you are thinking of studying counselling, or you’re having trouble understanding books on psychology, this group is the setting to enlighten you. By teaching you experientially how to improve empathy and listening skills, the course will also encourage you to be more assertive and to understand the significant differences in perception and become more self confident in your own beliefs, allowing you to be non judgemental and to be authentically yourself without fear.

This group focuses on what is happening in the body, creating a deep understanding of ourselves and others in a very safe environment. It is a diverse group with counsellors, students and just anyone interested in understanding behaviour.

These monthly workshops will teach you all the aspects of counselling and, if you are already a counsellor it is extremely good professional development and CPD.

The group is confidential with strong boundaries and you will not be required to divulge anything about your personal life. Although this is a learning group and not a therapy group, therapy does take place because of the nature of the work. You won’t have to worry about any written work, but you are of course welcome to keep your own notes.

This group was developed from the methods of Tony Storey (Cambridge University) from an ancient Sufi meditation and as such has a spiritual element to it.

To find out more about the course or counselling  with Gillian Bartlam, then call reception on 01603 631900. email reception@theorangegroveclinic.co.uk or go to our contact page.