Balance Procedure

The Balance Procedure Workshop is a wonderful personal development tool, taught by Kimberley Dawn Carpenter.  If you’re feeling in a slump, lacking direction or looking for a powerful self-development tool, then this inspirational and fun workshop is ideal.   Enjoy an evening of informal, informative empowerment and leave smiling from ear to ear, glowing with warmth from the inside out!

New workshop dates coming soon, please express your interest here.

Price: £25 per person, includes TBP Pack. 

Places are limited, please speak to reception today or go to our contact page to book your place.

Balance procedure The Orange Grove ClinicWhat is The Balance Procedure (TBP)?

The Balance Procedure is a personal development tool that:

  • Is easy to learn & simple to use
  • Allows you to reconnect with who you are & what you want
  • Promotes you to get inspired & go for it!
  • Allows you to discover what’s holding you back?
  • Helps you to release those negative thoughts & patterns
  • Allows you to unlock your true potential
  • Empowers you to start this year the way you mean to go on!

For centuries it’s been widely recognised that to be in BALANCE with all aspects of your life is the best way to experience emotional and physical wellbeing.  Using TBP is a quick and easy way to accomplish this state, and a catalyst for transformation.

We create our own reality through our thoughts, our emotions being our guide. The Balance Procedure teaches you how to create your own reality with conscious awareness, how to release negative patterns and find your own balance, moving forward with intention to your highest potential.

The Balance Procedure is taught at The Orange Grove Clinic by Kimberley Dawn Carpenter, Energy practitioner in The Balance Procedure who trained with the author and creator of TBP, Jenny Cox. Kimberley will be running regular Balance Procedure Group Workshops, where you can discover the power of this simple personal development tool that focuses on learning through experience.

Open to anyone looking to gain personal insight and inspiration, to increase confidence and energy to maximise potential in all aspects of your life.  A one off session is all you need to learn this simple technique – the price includes your own TBP pack containing all you need to begin your practice.

Testimonial: “The Balance Procedure is amazing. Thank you for teaching me ! I’ve released some negative energy. Beautiful, such a simple treatment… I think everyone should learn.Huni Fosdal- Genis

Private consultations are also available: £55 for a 90 minute session – includes your own TBP pack containing everything you need to begin your practice.  One session is all that is needed for you to learn this wonderful personal development tool.

For more information or to book your appointment or workshop, please contact Reception on 01603 631 900, email or go to our contact page.