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How to lose weight after pregnancy

Becoming a mum can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience and the time spent enjoying your new baby is precious. However, the massive changes our bodies go through during the pregnancy process can take their toll, leaving us with unwanted extra pounds..

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Drop a Dress Size in 4 Weeks

The sun is finally starting make a more regular appearance (hurray!) but if you’re still feeling a little flabby after a winter and wet spring full of cosy sweaters and comfort eating, now might be the time to start thinking about..

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Top Five Cancer Fighting Foods

Catherine Jeans, our Nutrition Expert will be talking about the best cancer fighting foods and what foods help to keep energy levels up at the Big C Workshop next week. Here’s some insight into the top five. As always it’s..

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What makes us Live Longer?

This month, the world’s oldest human passed away.  Italian Emma Morano was the last surviving person from the 1800s and her life spanned across 3 centuries. She died aged 117, peacefully asleep in her armchair at home. Our Nutritional Therapist,..

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