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Drop a Dress Size in 4 Weeks

The sun is finally starting make a more regular appearance (hurray!) but if you’re still feeling a little flabby after a winter and wet spring full of cosy sweaters and comfort eating, now might be the time to start thinking about..

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Celebrating our Super-Dads

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So this weekend is Father’s Day, time to show appreciation for our own dads, our children’s daddies and the wonderful things they do for us to make us feel loved, cared for and safe. Our Marketing Marvel, Sarah Maginn talks..

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Hot Stone Massage

Some might be under the disillusion that a Hot Stone Massage is for those winter months when we’re feeling cold to the bones and only a cup of hot chocolate and a snugly fire will do; but there’s actually nothing..

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What is Postpartum Thyroiditis?

Guest Blogger and YogaBubs mum, Martine Watker tells us about her experience of having Postpartum Thyroiditis and what symptoms others should be aware of. Until recently I didn’t really know what the thyroid was let alone its role and how..

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Summer Exercise for a Bikini Body

This week Norwich’s yoga class – ‘YogaBuds’ – led by Jackie Heffer-Cooke, is stepping into its new Summer practise. The emphasis is on core strength and Bikini Body exercise – empowering you with your core strength to enjoy your inner..

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Midwife of the Year 2017!

Last month on May 5th, it was International Day of the Midwife 2017.  Since then the new mums of Norwich and Norfolk have been voting for this year’s ‘Norwich & Norfolk Midwife of the Year Award’, sponsored by The Orange..

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A Natural Childbirth Choice

Our very own Hypnobirthing practitioner, Dr Del Tubby shares her Hypnobirthing story; from her natural birth choice, the journey with her birth partner and the all important decision to teach others the techniques she has learnt.  When people think of hypnobirthing I think..

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